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The richest person in the room doesn't have a chain.

Throughout my career I’ve taught finance classes a few times and I always took those classes very serious. Especially if it was to a younger group, because as cheesy as it sounds, they are our future. But not just that, I really wanted to get to them before they built some bad financial habits that would be hard to shake off. Now think about it... how do I teach them with years’ worth of finance in 30 minutes to an hour and also keep them intrigued. I decided to consolidate it all in 3 major quotes that I hoped would change their lives.

3 quotes to live by:

  • You don’t know how important credit is until you destroy it

  • Rich People Look Poor and Poor People Look Rich

  • you don’t have to make a lot of money to have a lot of money

You may have heard me say some of these before through my podcast, but some of it is worth repeating.

All right, let's jump in...


Now, some of you older people listening are like "Yup!!! Yup!!! Facts!!“ If you are a younger person you are like, OK. And maybe you don’t know how powerful that line is or you don’t know what to do with that information. Now, the point of this quote whether you’re older or younger is to know how important credit is. At this point in this country you need credit to do everything. You need it to rent a place, you need it to get a cell phone plan, you need it to get a new job, and of course you need it to take out a loan. And if you don’t think the loan part is huge, it definitely is, we typically don’t just have $30K to $300K lying around to purchase a car or a home, although other financial personnel’s will tell you that credit is not important. For us, it really is.

The other part of the quote is for you to know that it is not very hard out there for you to destroy your credit. You miss a payment, you max out your card, and just like that you have bad credit. I’m going to use another quote on this quote, Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. Now that you know that your credit can potentially be messed up due to life playing its course, prepare for it; save. Make sure your credit is as important to you as your job is. It’s something you wish you didn’t need, but it’s there and you need it to be financially successful.

In this country we are numbers. We are social security numbers, we are account balances, and we are credit scores. If you are tired of being treated like a broke person, build your credit and see how many doors open for you. You will have lenders knocking down your door begging for you to borrow from them, which opens up your world to newer and better options. With great credit, you will have be able to own a home instead of renting, you can get any cell phone plan without a hug down payments and extra charges, job opportunities will open up for you, and you will be able to borrow more money that you can use to make more money for you. Take care of your credit like it’s your kid.


This is a big one, I think we want to feel good about what we have and to feel good we have to make sure we are fashionable and have the latest sneakers or purse. And it’s not just to show it off, it’s a badge of honor for all the hard work you’ve put into your job, but what if I tell you that there is a better badge of honor. A Fat bank account that no one can see, but you. The badge of honor is the comfort of knowing that you don’t have to worry about money anymore...

Did you know Steve jobs bought multiple plain black shirts and plain blue jeans that he wore all the time because he didn’t want to spend time deciding what to wear every day?, look it up. He just wanted to get up and go make money, how he looked was the last thing he wanted to worry about. And he was worth $7Billion Dollars. Now, if you didn’t know who he was and you saw him down the street, you would think he was a bum. Same thing with Mark Zuckerberg who is worth $54 Billion, Just google his name and click on images. This guy looks so simple. Now if you think this is only for the uber rich, no. I worked in the banks around wall street with people like you and I and I use to play this game in my head when they walked into the bank, I use to guess how much money they would have in their account based on how they looked and it never failed, the people that didn’t look rich had a lot of money, and the people that did look rich, did not have a lot of money.

Well, let’s look at the opposite. Let’s look at our role models like 50 Cent who was worth $155 Million and he had to file for bankruptcy a few years ago, and this was during the peak of his Power TV show. But don’t worry, he looked good though, he flossed his money every time he could. But not just him, a very famous one was MC Hammer who flaunted his money everywhere he went until he landed on the road to bankruptcy as well. I don’t know if you remember super producer Scott Storch, this guys was producing for every major artist at the time and last I heard he filed for Bankruptcy twice with $100 in his bank account... There’s actually a really cool picture that explains well, what I’m trying to say.

There is this picture with DJ Khaled, French Montana, Yo Gotti, Diddy, Meek Milly, Jay-Z, and a whole bunch of other people in a room. I don’t know if this is the name of the picture, but if you google this phrase, the picture will come up. “The richest person in the room doesn’t have a chain” and Jay-Z was the only person in the room without a chain. I think that says a lot.

The richest person in the room doesn’t have a chain

The goal is to be rich, not look rich. If you are someone that has a closet full clothe and sneakers and purses and shoes . . . It all adds up. Wouldn’t you rather have that money in the bank? Don’t worry about how you look, you know your true worth. Ladies, how many times have you met this guy that looks like he got everything figured out and when you dig past his car, and chain, and watch, you find out he doesn’t have his Sugar Honey Ice Tea together. Rich People Look Poor, Poor people look richer... Please don’t forget that.


This one is another big one too. . Well, like I said they’re all import and they’re all life quotes you should live by. But this one, hopefully will help alter your financial state of mind, to motivate you. How many times do you tell yourself, well I don’t make enough to do this or that. Or, have you ever felt discourage that you didn’t make enough, and that’s why you can’t save or put money into retirement? One of the biggest lessons in the bank I learned was that you don’t have to make a lot of money to have a lot of money. Now, like I said previously, I worked around the Wall Street area where people made money and had money to invest, but I also worked for this Credit Union that all the people that had account there worked in a supermarket or grocery store and that’s when I learned that you don’t have to make a lot of money to have a lot of money. Let me clarify, so in this Credit Union, most of the members or customers worked or retired from a Super Market and these people had money too. It was minorities just like you and I with $200, $300, and evet $500, 000 in the bank and no debt. And I spoke to these people and they all made their money the same way, they saved and made good financial decisions with the little they had. The same way you can make a lot of money and still file for bankruptcy, is the same way you can make decent money and find yourself in a great financial position in a few years. Everything I’m telling you in this podcast is to put you in that winning position. I’ll tell you now, I don’t make a lot of money. People would be surprised if they knew how little I made; I just look like I make a lot because of the decisions I’ve made with the little I have. And I repeat all time, there’s nothing I can do that you can’t do. If anything, if you’re a younger person listening, you ideally should do better than me faster because you have all this information I’m giving you at your fingertips; information me or your parents didn’t have growing up.

I want to sneak in another quote, well it’s not a quote more than a phrase that works well with the last quote. And it’s NEED VS WANT.

You’ve probably heard this before in some phrase or another. It's finance 101, the basics of finance, and a timeless phrase that will put you where you want to be if you apply it. Need Vs Want! ! Honestly, it’s pretty simple, and shouldn’t need any explanation, so I’ll change it to a call to action instead. Action teaches the best lessons. For the next few weeks, before you swipe your card, or before you purchase anything, just ask yourself, “Is this a need or a want” If you need it, buy it. If you just want it, Put it back and put that money you were going to spend in a savings account. Watch how much you save if you do this. With small decisions like that, and applying all the quotes given to you today, you are set up to succeed. You got this. Please reach out to me and let me know how I can help.

OK pain to progression family, thank you for reading. I hope this is information you can use as weapons to succeed. Please, let me know your success stories, I want to see you all winning so bad.

You can email address at Pain2Progression@gmail.com

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Paying this information forward is how we flip this world upside down.

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