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This post is meant to make you uncomfortable.

Staying comfortable and complacent is the enemy of success. It is what will keep you from growing and making money.

Today I want to talk about how you need to not be complacent to be financially successful. You have to literally continue to work on making yourself uncomfortable and putting yourself in uncomfortable positions to be financially successful and honestly, just to be successful in general. If you have this mindset and have a goal around that mindset, then you will take over the world. You will be unstoppable. Did you know Oprah got fired because they said she was too emotional? How awkward is that to get fired and go to another job and push passed that and use her emotions to be the biggest talk show host ever? Did you know Madonna dropped out of college, move to New York and took a job in Dunkin' Donuts to pursue her dreams? She got fired after a day... Now this is what I want to say in 10 years about you... Did you know (insert YOUR name there) did (insert something risky you did here) and now they are making more money than he or she has ever seen. That’s crazy right! ! ! ! ! PUSH YOURSELF PAST UNCOMFORTABLE!!!!

Specifically I want to dive into these three things and challenge you to make yourself uncomfortable in any of these following things:

  • Where you work

  • Where you live

  • And your circle (who you keep close)

OK, I’m going to throw a lot your way so if you have to read or listen to this multiple times then do it. I really want you to get this and take action on one or all of these things. I was telling my brother the other day that it’s a sales tactic for someone to sell you something up to 6 times before people actually listen and buy it. So if you need to listen to this 6 times. .then do it. I NEED you to get this.

All right, let's jump in...


I will tell you now that you do not need to be rich to make a lot of money. The outcome of your money is determined by the decisions you make with that money, but let’s talk about the source of that money; your job. I’m a believer that happy people work harder, and hardworking people get noticed and promoted. I want you to take the time to think about your job, Are you happy at your job? No, don’t answer that. Now, let me be realistic here, not everyone is going to be happy at their job and no one loves EVERYTHING about their job. So let me rephrase that question, are you unhappy at your job? Do you hate to go to work? Do you call in sick (which affects your money) because not going to work that one day would be the best thing for you at the time? Then quit your job!!! Go look for another one!!!!! I know it’s not easy, but nothing worthwhile comes easy. Quit your job and look for another job . . . wait, look for another job first, then quit your job. I don’t want you to be like “I QUIT!!! And then get mad at me because you don’t have a job, especially now. LOL. Look for a career not a job. Look for something with a good retirement plan, look for something you would enjoy, look for something that pays more. Your time is worth more than you’re getting paid now. And someone is willing to pay for it as long as you’re willing to look around for it. Trust me, I’ve quit my job 4 times because people didn’t see my value. If my job didn’t think I was worth what I thought I was worth, then I left for better one, and each job was a higher title and payed more than the other. And now I am in a great position... Now, take your time with this. You have time. You don’t have to quit today or tomorrow, but plan it and do it if this is what you feel you deserve. Maybe you might start looking now and find that job next year. Or maybe this is the right time to go back to college because you realized what you want to do now, so go and in 2,3,4 years when you graduate, quit your job and go to your new career. Or if you need to take a trade course, do that. Or self-teach yourself a news skill that will make you more desirable. I’m trying to teach myself how to code. Side note... If you like computer and logic, look into coding. It pays $100K + a year and you can work from home. And it takes time and hard work, but you can teach yourself. I just want to wrap this part by saying. Get uncomfortable, do something different, look for a job that will make you happy or happier than you are now and in return you will work harder and make more money. Or you will just make more money in general. Don’t settle...

Are you in a career not just a job? Are you making good money? Are you happy? If you say no to any of these things then look into making that change now.


I stated previously that there are 3 things that determines the outcome of a person and that’s their family, their schooling; and their community. Now what if I tell you that those three things continue continues to develop a person throughout their adulthood and what if I told you that you can change those things. For now let’s talk about changing your community or environment. Whether you live in the hood, or in a city, or in the suburbs; I want to ask yourself a questions? Are you in a position to succeed? If you live in the hood and you feel that there is better opportunities for you out the hood, then get out. If you feel section 8 or welfare is limiting your growth because you can’t make a certain amount of income, I challenge you to make yourself uncomfortable and get out. Make more money and move out. If you live in the city and you want to move to a more suburban area. Then do it. If you live in a suburban area and you want to live in the city because it is more convenient, or because it’s closer to better job opportunities. Make the move If the cost of living is too high where you live, move to a place where it’s not too high. Leave the state if you must. Arizona is hot as hell, but a dollar goes a long way over there. I personally bought a one way ticket to Colorado from New York City and just up and left. Hell yeah it was scary and I didn’t know what to expect, but it was a decision that worked out for me. And maybe leaving your state is the decision that will change your life. Maybe that’s the turning point for you. It may consist of you needing to change your job, but do what you have to do. Don’t stay complacent, make yourself uncomfortable. Or maybe it’s just a job transfer... Is a different scene going to put your kids in a better position? Then make that move. Don’t make your kids an excuse to not move, your kids should be the decision on why you should move, if you feel you or your kids deserve better than your environment, Change it make the move.

If you are comfortable where you live and it’s not creating any growth, then move. Leave your community, leave your city, and or leave your state. Put yourself in a better position to grow. Go somewhere where the cost of living is better... Now, I understand this is a huge decision, so if you have to plan now. This time next year you could be my neighbor.



Whether it’s your partner, family, or friends. Put yourself around people that will challenge you and help you grow. If they are bringing you down or not helping you grow, then do what you have to do and move on. No, one succeeds by themselves. Lord knows there is no way I would be where I am today without my wife, Joel, Mariano, Tommy, Yusuf, Luwany ( Happy Birthday Lu-Man) and a whole world of people that has pushed me to be the best version of me. But there has been people that I had to leave behind in New York. Not because I feel I’m any better than them, or because I didn’t love them or they didn’t love me. I just had to make the right decision to put me in a position to grow and succeed and so do you. Put yourself in a position where you are set to grow by surrounding yourself with people that will help you grow. This one I would I would arguably say is the hardest. I’m asking you to dissect the people you love, the people that are around you every day, the people that are ride or die for you, and I get it. But I ask you, what have they done to help you grow? I’m not talking about helping you get over your break up which is hard, but I mean. Are they telling you to do what you have to do to get promoted? Are they telling you to save? Are they telling you to make more money and spend less? Are helping you buy a house? Or are they just talking about the opposite sex? Or talking about going out? Or talking about buying clothes or going out to eat all the time? If so, it’s time to make that change, Get Uncomfortable, meet new peoples... But I also want you to question if you’re that person that is holding someone back. I’ve been there too. I’ve definitely been the one to say, let’s go out, let’s buy that bottle and I reevaluated my decisions and made the change in myself to be the one to help and motivate. It might be time for you to do the same. If not, you will get left behind. Staying comfortable and complacent is the enemy of success. It is what will keep you from growing and making money. It will keep you from making the decision you need to be great. I get it, changing your job sucks, moving sucks even more, and leaving your friends sucks even more than that, but now that you know this information, you have to decide, have you been complacent? Are you comfortable? Have you purposely done something big to make yourself uncomfortable? If not, look into it now. Make that big move now. Don’t be scared to fail. You grow from that too. Please please make that change you’ve been talking about... You are so special and amazing and you deserve it. You are a survivor and you always come out winning. This is no different.

OK pain to progression family, I really hope this is something you will highly consider. This can be that moment that changes everything moving forward. I want to leave you with two quotes from Steve Jobs’ amazing Sanford Graduation Speech. The first is...

You can’t connect the dots moving forward, you can only connect them looking backwards.

Meaning, whatever you decide today, you won’t know the true outcome of your decision

in the future. But if you make that decision today to get uncomfortable, you will look back a few years from now and say, that was the point when things changed for me. The other quote is “Stay Hungry Stay Foolish”, don’t stay comfortable, He said “Stay Hungry Stay Foolish.” I'll say it again. “Stay Hungry Stay Foolish.”

Alright guys. Thanks for reading. You can send me your questions at my Pain To Progression Facebook Page or my email address at Pain2Progression@gmail.com

I know if you challenge yourself to be uncomfortable you will make some big moves, but

maybe someone else needs to hear this message, too. Please subscribe on apple podcast and rate and review my podcast. Then share it to that person that you know that has been complacent for a long time. Share it with someone that is so comfortable, you know exactly where they’ll be 10 years from now. . . . Paying this information forward is how you will help them grow up. Be that positive friend and uplift and motivate, let’s take this information and flip the world upside down. See you Wednesday My hungry Foolish family.

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